by Mel Richardson

Christ Centred, Committed and
Completely Crackers!
The amazing, gritty, adventure story of
God’s grace through Project Dengke
continues in this book. A key and recurring
theme is the reaching out with practical love
and kindness to those in real need, such as
leprosy patients and youngsters in extreme
poverty. The impossible is demonstrated
possible. Whether this be the building a
Friendship Centre in the most sensitive
region of China /Tibet or a self-proclaimed
“Living Buddha” wanting his monks to be
Christians, be prepared to be amazed and
encouraged irrespective of whether you have
faith yourself. The best of times and the
worst of times are all shared in intimate
detail with a generous helping of wit and
humour. The criteria for being on his team
Mel describes as 5Cs Christ Centred
Committed and Completely Crackers after
all, he says, “the good book says sometimes
we have to be fools for Christ’s sake”.
“I have found that there are three stages in
every great work of God: first, it is impossible,
then it is difficult, then it is done.”
Hudson Taylor

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